About Gender

An article was published in the Toronto Star on Saturday, July 6th,
that both misrepresents the position of radical feminists, and
specifically the radical feminists who organized and attended the
RadFem Rise Up! conference in Toronto.

Radical feminists believe that gender is a caste system that uses
violence, fear, and sexual terrorism to groom girls into a subordinate
social role, and into a class identity based on subservience to males.
From childhood, female children are desensitized to their own trauma.
As adults, this early experience is constantly reinforced, as females
are economically, physically, psychological, reproductively, and
sexually dominated by men at every turn.

The experience of females is not an internal state. It is not a
choice. It is not a natural condition. Males do not share these
experiences. In fact, persons born male are the perpetrators and
beneficiaries of the violence done to women. Males are socialized
into the dominant class called “men,” and male children are socialized
into that class by breaking the boundaries - sexual, psychological,
reproductive boundaries – of females. The dominance men exhibit is
not innate. Gender is a caste system. It must be dismantled.

Toward that end, the boundaries women choose must be respected
absolutely. We need to be able to claim freedom from the sexual
violence, reproductive control, and psychological terrorism done to us
by men. We need to be able to gather and organize against the harms
that apply to us specifically as female people, and we need to be able
to do so without the threat of violence or harassment. We need to be
able to draw a boundary and claim women-only space.