RadFem Rise Up! is a radical feminist conference that will be taking place in Toronto, Canada from July 5th – 7th, 2013.

The conference theme is activism. We will be sharing and discussing strategies for overthrowing the patriarchy – from ending violence against women to increasing our presence in the media to creating a local and global sense of sisterhood.

In addition to a wide selection of renown speakers (see the ‘Program’ tab), we will also be doing some group activities that will allow us to get to know each other better.

Please note that this conference is womyn-only.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. This respods to this useless article: http://www.nowtoronto.com/news/story.cfm?content=193604
    “For most of history Anonymous was a women”. Virginia Wolfe

    Really that’s what you call reporting? Women felt threatened because men from TRANS world and PORN world, bully, threaten through hundreds of emails sent in less than 24 hour period to a small Toronto Art gallery, create a false website, send in an informer and then proceed to terrorize again through email taunts through the night and threaten to hold a protest in a children’s playground while parading by the conference location and you report it this way! Shame on you ..oh you must be accepting unconditionally of “male violence” behaviour directed at women to talk about that very topic, increasing acts of “male violence”. Denial of “male violence” is just not going to work anymore. STOP IT,

    Let me remind you that the “male violence” behaviour that attendees of RadFem: Rise Up Toronto 2013 experienced the weekend of July 5-7, and continues to experience, is similar to the threats and ongoing bullying that Rateah Parsons was subjected too. Many young women experience this today, and the reports are growing. Because of your “shallow” analysis you tacitly are approving and condoning the “male violence” behaviour of the trans community and Porn industry? Why is this?

    But unlike Rateah Parsons, the Metro Toronto Police took our report seriously and there is now an on-going investigation around the evidence we have gathered.

    Men, all shapes, sizes, colours, all manner of dress, NEED TO STOP MALE VIOLENCE.

    Please watch this if you do not remember your women’s history.
    Jonathan Katz, TedTalk…Male Violence

    Women around the world and RadFem:Rise Up Toronto will not give up our Right to define, create and defend, with our lives, women spaces defined by women.

    We will not capitulate!

    Trish Oliver
    Participant/ Organizer
    Media Contact
    RadFem: Rise Up 2013


    This is almost worth going onto FB so I can send thousands of virtual kisses and bows to Trish Oliver. Saalam saalam. Please pass my admiration and gratitudge to Ms. Oliver.

  2. You got the name wrong of the guy who did that TedTalk. His name is Jackson Katz, not Jonathan Katz. And I highly recommend all of his educational material.

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