Why womyn-only?

The organizers of RadFem Rise Up! would like to clarify some basic things about our ‘womyn-only’ policy and the place of trans* people in the feminist movement.

As radical feminists, we support human rights and dignity for all, irrespective of biological sex, race, socio-economic class, religion, gender identiy, or other criteria. We are aware that trans* people often face disproportionate levels of violence and discrimination in various walks of life, and that they are marginalized by society at large. We support endeavors and legal reforms that secure human rights and dignity for trans* people, as we do not support violence or harassment against anyone.

Some of the political interests of the trans* community overlap with those of womyn-born-womyn. However, womyn-born-womyn also faces issues, and have political interests, that do not overlap with that of transwomen: reproductive rights, gender indoctrination (womyn-born-womyn are socialized into femininity from birth), among other things. This conference will therefore be restricted to womyn-born-womyn only, in order to discuss and organize around issues that disproportionately or uniquely affect us on the basis of biological sex.

As feminists, we would like to reiterate that we support full human dignity and rights for trans* people. Focusing on womyn-born-womyn in this particular conference and supporting trans* rights are not mutually exclusive, and we encourage those struggling for trans* rights to continue the wonderful work that they do.


Peace and love to all,

RadFem Rise Up!